Wedding Blessing: Pebeo Painted Platter

Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Marker PensThis was a wedding present for my cousin Joshua and his lovely wife Charlotte, painted onto a plain white ceramic platter using fabulous Pebeo Porcelaine marker pen.

It couldn’t be easier – just draw on your design with the marker pen, making as many changes as you like, (it comes off with water), and when you’re happy with it just bake it in the oven and it becomes fully microwave- and dishwasher-proof. 

If I was making another one, I might try a cream rather than white plate, for more of a Emma Bridgewater look, but I was really pleased with this, and the bride and groom tell me they use it a lot, (but might well just be being polite!).

The blessing reads: “May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door“.


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Not-quite-sure Navy Spot Dress

This is another version of the lovely Simplicity 2550, (see also my little black dress).  I’m not sure this was quite so successful, for some reason.

The fabric is a navy polka dot synthetic something-or-other I picked up from St Albans market for a few pounds a metre.  I liked the idea of a spotty version of this and intended it to be for a friend’s February wedding, but in the end it just didn’t quite do it for me so I wore something else instead.

I had a few problems with the bodice fitting this time, probably because the fabric was so fluid and drapey compared to the crisp black linen mix I used last time.

Despite all this moaning, its still a nice dress sitting in my wardrobe awaiting its first outing! I would definately wear it with a jacket or cardigan over the top, and just need to pluck up courage to wear it ‘au naturale’!!

Simplicity 2550

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Giant Granny Square Bamboo Blanket

This is just a giant granny square, which I made up in mint green and white Rowan Bamboo Tape – now discontinued, but such a beautiful wool to work with as its so heavy and drapey.

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The Totally Un-tuckable Shirt Dress

Another great pattern here in Simplicity 2403. I’ve made this up to look like a skirt and top, which is perfect for the office. Fun to make, though if I were to use this pattern again I would add a few inches to the top half as the waistline is fairly high for me.  

Simplicity 2403

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UFO: Crochet Slipper

This has been in my ‘UFO’ (un-finished object) bin for a while – its supposed to be aone of a pair of slippers, from a great pattern in Inside Crochet magazine – and here’s what they are supposed to look like.

But as I progressed it became increasingly obvious that these were going to be far too big for me – and I’ve got huge size 8 feet! It must be my tension that was out, or perhaps I was a bit slap-dash with following the pattern (!).

So I’m afraid I gave up before even finishing the first slipper.  However it was the first detailed multi-coloured pattern that I’ve tried so definately a good experience in any case!

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Bright ‘n’ Spotty Button Back Blouse

I love this pattern, and have now made the Lotus Cami twice – will post the other version soon!

The one problem I have is that it is almost impossible to do up all of the back buttons on your own – there is always one right in the middle that needs a second pair of hands.

This spotty cotton was from Fabric Factory in Jersey, for a whopping £3 per metre.  Shell buttons and white bias binding trim really finish it off, I think.


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Stray Sock Hippo

Stray Sock Sewing: Making One-of-a-Kind Creatures from SocksStray Sock Sewing has to be of the most pointless but pleasing books on my shelves.  There’s an awful lot of padding,  and not much on the instructional front, but its one of those books that is just full of fun and makes you smile.

Sewing with socks is surprisingly satisfying, and very easy.  I rather underestimated how much an adult sock would stretch when filled with stuffing, and next time I try anything from the book I’ll make sure I use small children’s socks instead.

But isn’t this hippo super-cute? Not suitable for small children due to the various buttons and beads, but ideal for big kids like me.

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