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Slipper Making with The Merry Bobbins

Back in January I spent a lovely ‘crafternoon’ with my sister-in-law Lizzi at a pop-up workshop run by the lovely ladies from The Merry Bobbins, making these rather awesome and uber-fluffy slippers out of recycled and felted jumpers and offcuts of fluffy car seat covers.

Lots of fun – but hard work to get even one finished in the time available!  Love the pom-poms on the top.

I do now have both slippers finished, but need to do a bit of adjustment to the back as they don’t stay on as well as they should – probably due to the crazy amount of fluff going on inside.  I might sew in a bit of elastic to the backs.



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Mollie Makes Felt Camera Case

This little felt kit was such a lovely giveaway with the fabulous Mollie Makes magazine.  I think it was supposed to be an i-phone case if I remember rightly, but I was in need of a camera case instead so made a few adaptations.


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Stray Sock Hippo

Stray Sock Sewing: Making One-of-a-Kind Creatures from SocksStray Sock Sewing has to be of the most pointless but pleasing books on my shelves.  There’s an awful lot of padding,  and not much on the instructional front, but its one of those books that is just full of fun and makes you smile.

Sewing with socks is surprisingly satisfying, and very easy.  I rather underestimated how much an adult sock would stretch when filled with stuffing, and next time I try anything from the book I’ll make sure I use small children’s socks instead.

But isn’t this hippo super-cute? Not suitable for small children due to the various buttons and beads, but ideal for big kids like me.

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England Supporters’ Bunting

Come on En-ger-land!

England’s fairly disastrous World Cup efforts in 2010 coincided with the arrival of my new sewing machine, (a Brother XR-6600), and I was keen to try out the various decorative stitches so made this bunting in the hope it would bring good luck to the team.  Needless to say, it didn’t.  Two years on we still have this up in the living room, as the colours go rather well with the decor – only two years to wait until the next world cup, I suppose!

You can see close-ups of each individual flag below – they are made from leftover curtain lining.  Waste not want not!

If you want more detailed instructions as to how to make any of these, just comment below and I’ll explain all!

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