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I did an evening class in Upholstery for a term at West Herts College which was great fun, and managed to finish both this nursing chair and one of a pair of dining chairs during the 8-week course.

This lovely fabric was from John Lewis, (sorry, it was quite some time ago so I can’t remember the name or price).

If you haven’t tried upholstery before I can highly recommend it as a really satisfying crafty activity, and something  that can save you a fortune by buying and ‘tarting-up’ second hand furniture.  If you’re a beginner, do make sure that you’re not working on anything of great value or historical interest, as my tutor had horror stories of having seen valuable and very old pieces of furniture ruined by DIY-ers!

New Upholstery (Mitchell Beazley Interiors)This is a great book to help you get started with the basics, with really clear and detailed instructions and lots of very helpful diagrams.




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Ladies Who Lunch: Peg Dolls

I wanted to make some ‘ladies who lunch’ for a post on The Veg Space and made Mollie and Mabel out of dolly pegs with heads and feet ordered from Its The Cats Whiskers who stock all sorts of handy bits and bobs.

I painted their faces and hair with standard acrylic paints, making Mabel’s beehive bun from embroidery thread.  Then coated the whole lot in varnish to seal.

They have pipe cleaner arms, and their trendy outfits are made from wide satin ribbon from St Albans market, all held together with a glue gun!

Mollie and Mabel

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Wedding Blessing: Pebeo Painted Platter

Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Marker PensThis was a wedding present for my cousin Joshua and his lovely wife Charlotte, painted onto a plain white ceramic platter using fabulous Pebeo Porcelaine marker pen.

It couldn’t be easier – just draw on your design with the marker pen, making as many changes as you like, (it comes off with water), and when you’re happy with it just bake it in the oven and it becomes fully microwave- and dishwasher-proof. 

If I was making another one, I might try a cream rather than white plate, for more of a Emma Bridgewater look, but I was really pleased with this, and the bride and groom tell me they use it a lot, (but might well just be being polite!).

The blessing reads: “May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door“.

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Painted Christmas Tree Decorations

These easy Christmas Tree decorations were made from wooden blanks I bought from online supplier Its the Cats Whiskers.  I painted or stained them, then used a white paint pen (available from most high-street stationers) to draw on the patterns.

A quick coat of satin finish clear varnish, and they were up on the tree in no time.  Easy peasy!

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