Wooly Dress for a Winter Wedding

Vogue 8280

This is one of a number of versions I’ve made of Vogue 8280, which I think was inspired by the famous Roland Mouret Galaxy dress.

This was one of the first ever projects I made, so there are certainly things I would do differently if making it again, but overall a great pattern which is very versatile.

The shape is flattering, though I had to do a fair amount of alteration to make it fit – particularly the back and the cap sleeves which were enormous and I had to scale them right down.

My woven wooly fabric frayed horribly (no idea what is is exactly, I got it from a brilliant cut-price fabric stall at St Albans market!), and I was quite nervous about wearing it to a wedding as I wasn’t sure the seams would be up to the usual dance-floor gyrations, but it held out and I would wear it again with a little extra work to improve the seams.


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  1. What an amazing shape to this dress. Thanks for the tip off for the sleeves! 🙂

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