Black & Ivory Spot Cocktail Dress

Vogue 9668

This is Vogue 9668 – a little gem of a pattern which unfortunately I can’t quite get to fit me. 


The shape is very flattering – a deep v-neck, pinched in waist and pencil skirt.

Somehow something went a bit wrong at the back and instead of a neat V I ended up with too much waistband for the back bodice, though I didn’t mind the shape too much even with the mistake.

As a novice, my matching of the spots was extremely poor on the two back skirt panels, and the reason that I’ve only worn this once.  Note to self: try harder next time!

I had to take a good few inches off the shoulders to get the front and back to lie flat.  That was a bit technical, but I’ve marked what I did on the original pattern so hope to have another go with more success.

I’m keen to try some of the other views, though this one is a winner, (if you can get the fitting right). I need to find some nice black fabric to make a LBD. Some stretch would be useful for easier movement!


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